The summer school will be formed of a number of small teams – concentrating on 2 or 3 specific sites located within and around the town of Supino. You can work in groups, or in pairs to propose practical or speculative design solutions for the sites. The proposals are to be closely related to people’s everyday cultural practices, narratives and aspirations. They are to address the subject of economic response to the current crisis while also celebrating possibilities for change.

The proposals can be related to:

a-     Rural Agriculture: Looking at urban agriculture/food production/alternative urban farming ideas to empower community and the region.  Designing and setting up events that can host the visitors of the unique mountains of Supino and Morolo.

b-     City context: Speculative ideas – for Supino  – using a given device inspired by the local narratives within the town. The proposed intervention is to stitch the historic centre of the town to the modern one along with its surrounding landscape.

Works of the summer school will include initial site observation, re-reading existing local maps, and carrying out techniques such as ‘social mapping’ or other forms of documentation, which will influence the participants conceptual design ideas. The Ideas will be translated spatially into responsive architecture by using speculative, visionary methods of investigation and representation, or on-site 1:1 physical interventions. 


Some of the suggested themes are:

A – IDENTITY - Traces and Signatures (addressing personal memory, social invisibility, etc).   

B – RESOURCES - Rural Agriculture, resources and employment  (provisions for young generation and national or international visitors addressing everyday life, climate and water).

C -  ‘EVENT’ - Celebrating local resources (food, music and making  to reclaim land, employment and identity).

The summer school will place particular emphasis on teamwork and fieldwork research, mapping techniques, design testing, representation methods and close participation with the local community. The end outcomes will be a small exhibition of the work to be held locally in Supino, along with an online PDF publication about the workshop, which also has the potential to be printed in hard-copy (funds permitting). Hence, each participant will have at the end of the workshop a body of work plus a collective online publication from the Summer School to include in their portfolio when applying for architectural jobs or postgraduate courses.


In terms of the outline schedule for the Summer School, this will comprise of:

o   Series of lectures and presentations

o   2 days of mapping, visiting and socializing with the communities - social/urban documentation

o   2 days of designing- testing event ideas, street theatre and market games

o   1 day of review  in conjunction with a local exhibition of work to include the local architects, artists, environmentalists and the municipality.

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