The tuition fee for 7- day Summer School  is €200 per person.

The fee includes full tuition for the 7 days including the attendance of local events and a collective dinner on arrival. The cost of accommodation, free day trip and daily expenses are not included within the tuition fees. There are different forms of accommodation available subject to the budget of those attending. Detailed are below including houses in the town of Supino. 

Participants are expected to organize their own food separately. If there are any agreed excursions regarded as necessary for fieldwork research for the Summer School, or to be taken on the ‘free day’ for relaxation, these too will be additional costs on top.


Please note that there are 2 scholarships available for UK based students/architects offered by a UK charity called Sun Academy.

Applicants who are interested can fill in the registration form and write to us separately with their interest in funding.



The participants are responsible to choose and pay for their own choice of accommodation. There are different options available subject to the budget of those attending.

1. Collective local house: These are series of collective houses located at the top of the hill with beautiful setting and landscape around. The accommodation is special due to its collective scheme. This is the most economic option available at €100 for whole week.

2. The second option is the local hotel of the town called Bompiani Hotel

via la Mola 167, 03019 Supino, Italy, http://www.hotelristorantebompiani.com -

3. The third option is Il Castagneto: an agritourism Farm House B&B located in the town

The range of prices per room/per person is in the region of 50-55 Euro. Check the website for their latest prices.

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