Following the success of summer schools 1,  2 and 3, with their multi-disciplinary program of design, spatial intervention and art installations, [of over 100 participants from 14 different countries], we are launching our 4th International Summer School with a new program of 'live building projects'. 

We will explore more specific architectural and urban potentials of small towns such as Supino, which exists on the periphery of a major European historical city -- in this case, Rome -- and within the context of the current capitalist crisis. In countries in southern Europe like Italy; the long-term projection is that of continued high unemployment and financial instability.

Indeed, it is a reality that all European countries are going to have to adapt to conditions of greater austerity and scarcity, as global capital shifts increasingly to eastern and southern Asia.

In the context of this global ecological crisis – an intrinsic part of the crisis of capitalism – this year in ‘Supino 4’, we would like to look at reclaiming the city and the rural context. We will be exploring the subject of Urban/Rural Agriculture as an alternative force of resistance. 


Participants will be given the chance to engage with the subjects of agriculture, recycling techniques and alternative environmental design in 'live' as well as 'speculative' projects. The aim is to cultivate possibilities that may go beyond the small towns to cover the region as a whole. The project will use dynamic public spaces within the historic town along with old disused industrial sites in the rural area of the Sako Valley.

Discussions about urban/rural agriculture as a viable alternative possibility will also bring in the subject of identity and place into the summer school debate.

This year, we will visit the Milan Expo titled ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, the theme of which is closely related to our subject of exploration.

The module will be lead by a team of international practitioners, architects and artists from different countries, with the participants receiving the full supports of locals, municipality, stakeholders and also professionals. 


Registration starts from 25 March 2015



This International Summer School is aimed at those students who have some spatial, architectural or urban design background at graduate or postgraduate level, or with some related professional background.


Architecture Summer School,  

39 - 41 North Road, London, N7 9DP

+44 (0)2036748462


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